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Trend Tokens

DeFi Dual-Momentum Asset Management.



No third parties. All actions are transparent and pre-programmed in smart contracts. Currently on BNB Chain.

ImageProven Strategy

Trend Tokens use a proven dual-momentum trading strategy to automatically update the desired positions.

ImageEasy to Use

Simply connect your Metamask Wallet and swap BNB or other top cryptos for Trend Tokens. No registration or KYC. No separate fee payments.

Dual Momentum Bot

An automated dual-momentum trading strategy updates the desired positions in the Trend Token portfolio. When the market is in a downtrend Trend Tokens hold USDT. In an uptrend, it holds top performing cryptoassets.

Rebalance Incentive Model

Trend Tokens reward users for depositing crypto assets the Dual Momentum Bot desires and for removing assets it does not desire. This allows the Trend Token price to reflect the performance of the advanced dual momentum trading strategy.